2 Sales In 1 + $100 bonus

This sale is very hot! We rarely use our blog for sales information, but we couldn’t resist sharing this with you. Our legendary 2 sales in 1 special is a “can’t miss” sales  event to kick off 2016! We couldn’t decide which promotion we wanted to kick off the 2016 sales year with, so we … Continued

Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Master Bedroom

Though it goes unseen by most guests, your master bedroom is one of the most significant rooms in your home. It’s where you and your spouse or partner will wake up together, where you will make important family and personal decisions, and where you’ll prepare for the day’s activities each morning. Whether you are part … Continued

How to Choose the Right Dining Set For Your Home

When you sit down to dinner with your family, you’re doing more than just eating a meal. You’re forming relationships, sharing stories, and making memories. The dining room table is important for family harmony. So when you decide to purchase a new dining set, you should keep your family in mind. Of course you want … Continued

The Secret to Designing Your Own Home Office

You’ve arranged and decorated your home, putting care and attention into every detail. It looks perfect, and it wows your neighbours every time they visit. However, somehow it still feels incomplete. You’ve rearranged and puzzled, and then you’ve rearranged again trying to find the answer. Then it hits you: your home doesn’t have an office. … Continued

Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the new loveseat you’ve always wanted. The wooden frame accents your home and the cushions are soft and inviting. You anticipate this couch becoming a permanent part of your home . . . that is, until little Fluffy gets to it. Whether you have an enthusiastic puppy or a cuddly kitten, … Continued

How to Find the Perfect Wall Paint to Match Your Wood Furniture

Have you ever bought a prominent wood furniture piece, just to have it go unnoticed in a poorly designed room? You may wonder why this great piece of furniture doesn’t stand out. You want people to notice your wood furniture for the beautiful tones that it can bring to a space. However, you may lose … Continued

Home Sweet Home: How to find Your Qi and Feng Shui Your House

Is your home a sanctuary? Can you sit back, relax, and meditate? If not, it’s time to find your qi and feng shui your house. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everything with the surrounding environment. When you choose to feng shui your space, you will make your home a more … Continued

How to Protect Your Flooring from Heavy Furniture

Often, the most beautiful wood and metal furniture weighs a lot, which means big trouble for your flooring. The furniture’s sharp edges and excessive weight could scratch or otherwise damage your floors, leading to potential problems if you ever want to host parties or sell your house. You don’t have to compromise by buying cheap, … Continued

Bon Appétit: How a Kitchen Island Will Make You a Better Chef

As the hub of your home, your kitchen holds the secret key to any guest’s heart: food. Whether you need to prepare, cook, or serve food in your kitchen, the task is made easier with the help of an island. If you’re thinking about incorporating an island into your precious kitchen space, consider this: Islands … Continued

Nine Ways to Help Your Wooden Furniture Last for Years

Wood furniture brings a sense of tradition and class to any home, and many pieces come with unique carvings and colours, turning the home into a personalized paradise. You probably want this furniture to last for the rest of your life, and you may even want to pass it on to your children or grandchildren. … Continued