Home Sweet Home: How to find Your Qi and Feng Shui Your House

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Is your home a sanctuary? Can you sit back, relax, and meditate? If not, it’s time to find your qi and feng shui your house. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everything with the surrounding environment. When you choose to feng shui your space, you will make your home a more welcoming place.

For over three thousand years, feng shui relied on astronomy to find accurate correlations of energy between humans and the universe. As time passed, feng shui enthusiasts began to develop instruments to aid in the proper placement of people and things. Today, we use feng shui to situate our human-built environment on spots with good energy (known as qi).

Does your house have good qi? Good qi depends on a number of factors, including cleanliness, good air quality, proper furniture placement, and natural light. If your home doesn’t have good qi, negative energy will permeate the walls and invade your interior space. Here’s how you can maintain the good qi in your home and feng shui each room to correlate with your living environment.

Balance Entryway

All positive opportunities – and negative vibes – come in through your entryway. The more calm, de-cluttered, and creative your entryway, the better. When guests visit your home, they will notice the care and attention you put into your entryway and will feel more welcome from the get-go. Here are some ways you can spruce up your entryway without draining your wallet.

  • Add plants
  • Adorn the area with a welcome mat
  • Replace bulbs
  • Repaint the door
  • Sweep the porch
  • Spray bug-repellent to keep bugs and pests away
  • Replace doorknob

You don’t have to make extensive changes to make your guests (and the incoming qi) feel comfortable and welcome.

Position Furniture

The placement of your furniture is one of the central aspects of obtaining and maintaining positive qi. Most homeowners choose to position their furniture in the “empowered” position. The empowered position gives you the opportunity—and energy—to improve every aspect of life (health, wealth, relationships, career, and fame).

If you want to empower all facets of your work and home life, position furniture in each room to reach your full qi potential. The empowered position is simple: position your desk, bed, or sink in a place where you can see who is entering your space. When the furniture you use most faces outward (preferably toward the door), you will encounter more opportunities and progress more rapidly.

Never block any open space with an armoire, bed, bench, bookcase, buffet, or cabinet. Place large items parallel to the wall so that you have plenty of open space for positive qi in your home.

De-clutter Space

Beware of clutter. When you feng shui your home, you are committing to a life of energetic connection. Unfortunately, clutter doesn’t allow us the opportunity to feel energetically connected to our possessions. If you have clutter in every corner of your home, now is the time to clean it up and throw it out.

When our homes aren’t balanced, the lack of balance reflects poorly on our relationships, career, and health. Once your home is clutter-free, positive qi can enter and begin to transform the look and feel of your home interior.

Lighten Up

The more natural light you allow into your home, the more balanced your environment will become. Since your body reacts to everything around you, you must position the light in your home to reflect your mood and energize your senses. Here’s why you should open the curtains and let natural light seep into your living space:

  • Natural light encourages learning.
  • Natural light energizes negative qi spaces.
  • Natural light provides vitamin D (aids in bone health)

When the sun falls and the skies darken, make sure to position indoor light sources around your home to maintain balance and harmony. If possible, don’t use fluorescent lighting in your space. Fluorescent lighting has been shown to negatively affect human behaviour and impede learning and growth.

Add Nature

Some people shy away from nature because they fear bugs and dirt. But if you want your home to have good qi, you must bring nature indoors. Plants, flowers, and running water realign our energy and help us experience life at its fullest. Some couples bring nature indoors to spice up their love lives: fresh, colourful plants add energy, hope, and cheer to the bedroom.

Choose Citrus

Most feng shui experts recommend adding citrus into your home. Homeowners choose to do this in a variety of ways, including sprays, perfumes, and actual fruit. Citrus fruits refresh and cleanse odours, thereby energizing any indoor space with a clean, invigorating scent. If you want to add citrus into your feng shui routine, buy nine oranges or lemons and keep them in a bowl on your kitchen counter. Switch out the fruit before they become too ripe.

Why nine? Nine indicates accomplishment and attainment.

Once you feng shui your living space, you’ll feel a new energy envelope your life. Try to find your qi and feng shui your home today.