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  • Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Master Bedroom

    Though it goes unseen by most guests, your master bedroom is one of the most significant rooms in your home. It’s where you and your spouse or partner will wake up together, where you will make important family and personal decisions, and where you’ll prepare for the day’s activities each morning. Whether you are part […]

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  • How to Choose the Right Dining Set For Your Home

    When you sit down to dinner with your family, you’re doing more than just eating a meal. You’re forming relationships, sharing stories, and making memories. The dining room table is important for family harmony. So when you decide to purchase a new dining set, you should keep your family in mind. Of course you want […]

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  • The Secret to Designing Your Own Home Office

    You’ve arranged and decorated your home, putting care and attention into every detail. It looks perfect, and it wows your neighbours every time they visit. However, somehow it still feels incomplete. You’ve rearranged and puzzled, and then you’ve rearranged again trying to find the answer. Then it hits you: your home doesn’t have an office. […]

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